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Established by passionate coffee expertise who devoted their professional life to coffee, elto coffee commenced operations, and offers green coffee and expertly best coffee beans for complex and fruity flavors with the assurance of integrity and quality.

Process with care 

elto coffee currently focused on specialty lots which are top micro lots preparation process methods, outstanding coffee flavor profiles. elto coffee are some of the most exciting projects and likely ever to be drunk.



Coffee Cupping

Cupping is one of the best ways to learn more about flavor, aroma, and to share that with other people. We cup every batch of coffee that we roast here at Sample to make sure it meets our quality standards.

Quality Coffee

We pay special attention to serving you with distinction. We're not just about having the best green coffee beans for sale, but giving you the best service that any supplier can offer.

Single Origin

we focus to one distinct area or region where the coffee is grown at single farmer, producer.

Best Flavours

we Utilise the sense of taste that helps to create coffee and food flavour pairings we can recommend for our customer pleasant experience

Natural process

We are providing you with a speciality green coffee with a perfectly balanced intensity and a hint of natural taste.

Sidama Coffee

It is a major coffee region in the southern part of Ethiopia, it has well-balanced with notes of exhibiting berries and citruses (Lemonish) with complex acidity.                                                                                                                       

Yirgacheffee Coffee

It is well known for its Bright acid and intense clean taste and complexity of floral notes. Cupping notes are frequently mentioned after the taste is vibrant and exhibits undertones of berry and wine.

Guji Coffee

It has a unique citric fruit flavour with strong notes of fruity (Lemon) and bright acidity with a mouth full body.                                                                                                                                                                     

Limmu Coffee

grown southwest of Ethiopia, a well-balanced body (mouth-feel) and noticeable winey and spicy flavours , often fruit-noted pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral tones.

Ethiopia birthplace of coffee

Ethiopia calls itself the “birthplace of coffee”, but the drink’s discovery might never have happened were it not for a few hungry goats and their curious herder, Kaldi, at some point in the ninth century. According to local legend, the flock became excitable after grazing on an unusual red fruit. Spotting their jumpy behavior, old Kaldi took the berries to the local monastery, where they were promptly burned for fear that the fruit contained the devil.

Luckily for coffee-lovers everywhere, the monks quickly forgot about this new, impending evil once they caught a whiff of the roasting beans: how could something that smelled this good be a sin? Pious minds changed, the monks began preparing the strange fruit with water, eating the berries before drinking the liquid. Suddenly, all-night prayers and chanting sessions had never been so easy. Today, coffee is consumed at a staggering rate worldwide, all thanks to a few goats.

We source different speciality  coffee you need and is committed to professional and efficient service.

Elto coffee targeting to assist a local coffee farmers with a number of projects :

• A technical assistance programme for the farmers – offering support on better farming practices.
• Improving their living conditions.
• Generating increased coffee sales through marketing their coffee to international buyers.
• traceability solution managment.



Keep Cheer With Amazing Tastes

As the coffee is roasted, it develops its flavor and aroma.By converting natural chemicals found in green coffee beans into aromatic volatile compounds, aromatic compounds are produced. Sweet and caramelized aromas are created when simple sugars and polysaccharides are degraded during roasting. Spices are produced when hydroxycinnamic acids are degraded. Aromatic roasted coffee is produced by pyrazines and pyrroles, which are volatile compounds created by hydroxyamino acids such as threonine and serine.


There are endless flavour notes to coffee. You can practise observing these through a coffee tasting technique called coffee cupping.

Careful harvesting is a critical step in producing high-quality coffee with complex taste profiles. If beans are picked unripe their full potential will not be unlocked, and even a few beans can substantially affect the flavor profile of our micro-lots. By carefully dividing each lot as it is picked, we can target specific clusters of trees and times of harvesting with high accuracy, allowing us to build unique micro-lots for our most quality-conscious buyers.

Distribution Strategy

Increasing the volume of our exports along with the unique aspects of our products include superior product selection, preparation, quality assurance, and efficient distribution. These are things we have done since we started doing business. makes us eligible in the business.